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Hayward: Ocasio-Cortez Disavows the Green New Deal’s FAQ After It Becomes a Mockery

The Green New Deal (GND) quickly became the subject of such mockery that its godmother, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, attempted to scrub the talking points from her website and pretend they never existed at all. The effort to erase this political disaster is one of the biggest political gaslighting operations in recent memory. It happened so fast that half of the online Left is still touting the GND as the irresistible wave of the future, while the other half thinks it’s a trick concocted by right-wing pranksters.

by stephen19 • 63 views • 4 comments • 1 week ago • category: General
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Green Naive Deal was a train-wreck from the start! smiley smiley


@Paladin4464 Yes it was.


top expert
Alexandrias Occasional Kotex is such a joke... smiley Its like watching a spoof sitcom smiley . smiley Im just so curious. How in the world did that loudmouth buffoonette get elected? smiley


@CanyonD Good question.

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