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Isn't it Romantic? - 2019 (55 views)

senior master
I love me some Rebel Wilson!! I'm so glad to see her as the lead actress in a good big production movie and not with a group of main characters like in pitch perfect, etc. I loved those movies don't get me wrong. I'm just glad to see her finally not have to share the screen with so many co-stars.


I really want to see this. It looks really funny, and she is hilarious.


senior master
@ditzygypsy I think she is too. One of the most hilarious women I've ever seen.


Wow, I've not seen her for years. I hope it's good.

Thanks a million. smiley


senior master
@RAVENOUSbird I hope so too. Knowing her, she will blow the roof off. Unless they dampered her down in the script. Surely they gave ber a lot of artistic room to do and say what she felt in the moment though. Who knows?? I just know I was excited as hell too see the trailer. I hadn't heard anything about her before finding it and I actually stumbled upon it by accident, but I'm glad I did. 💙

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